HISTORIC CEMETERY

Friends of Jacksonville's Historic Cemetery


Cemetery HoursJacksonville's Historic Cemetery is open to the public 365 days of the year. The main entrance gate is opened each morning at 8:00 a.m. and locked at sunset each evening. All visitors must depart the cemetery grounds by sunset. The cemetery is patrolled by the Jacksonville Police Department who make a final drive through before locking the gates for the evening.

Cemetery DirectionsThe main entrance is located at North Oregon and E Streets in Jacksonville, Oregon. Entering Jacksonville on Highway 238, which becomes 5th Street, turn right on E Street, (just past Ray's Market) and continue on E Street to North Oregon. Cross over North Oregon into the cemetery entrance and drive up the Cemetery Road. There is parking available within the cemetery grounds. We ask that if you decide to drive around the cemetery to do so with caution, as the roadways are quite narrow and have curbing and markers on both sides of the road.

Cemetery Services, Funeral Arrangements, or to Purchase Plots Please contact the Cemetery Sexton or Jacksonville City Hall at 541 899-1231

Cemetery Burial Records - Look in the left- hand column where you will see Cemetery Records. Click on that, wait for a slight pause, and then follow the directions posted. If using an iPhone or Android-based smartphone try: to access the records. Enter name in the URL block then chose "In this document" and navigate the records by using the arrows. 

Interpretive Center Just inside the traffic circle at the top of the Cemetery Road, you will find a small Interpretive Center. The display cases contain information on Restoration and Preservation projects, information on the cemetery and our volunteers, upcoming cemetery events, as well as local interesting news items. There is also a guest register on the desk, and we would very much appreciate your signing it and adding your comments. Just outside the Interpretive Center you will find a brochure holder which contains a brochure on the cemetery which also has a self-guided tour that you can take, a brochure on The Chinese in Jacksonville's History, as well as a brochure on the Civil War and Civil War Era Veterans who rest in the Jacksonville Cemetery. There is a slot, on the top and inside of the brochure box, should you want to make a contribution.

Cemetery Map - Just outside of the Interpretive Center, and under the pavilion, you will find a map of the cemetery grounds including all sections of the cemetery. Each block in the cemetery has a number which is reflected on the map to assist you in locating a grave site. There are also QR codes posted on the bulletin board on the wall near the map. You can scan the QR code for Cemetery Records and find the block number of the grave site you may be looking for. Using that number, along with the map and the individual block numbered signs along the way, you should be able to locate the gravesite of your loved one.

Interpretive PanelsThere are a total of 10 Interpretive Panels that have been placed around the cemetery grounds. There is one for each section of the cemetery giving information and facts on that particular section. There is also a large overview of the cemetery, a welcome panel and a nature panel which are all located around the Interpretive Center. 

Storyboard Panels- There are 13 Storyboard Panels that relate the histories of pioneering individuals and families buried in the cemetery.  There are 5 panels in the Masonic section and 4 each in the City and IOOF sections.  

Tours OfferedSelf-guided Tours are available by following the tour route that is outlined in our Cemetery Brochure, which you will find in the brochure holder just outside the Interpretive Center.

Guided History Saturday in the Cemetery Tours are available on the Second Saturday of each month, May through September at 10:00 a.m. See the Guided Tours page of this website for additional details.

​School Group Tours - school groups planning a field trip to visit the cemetery are required to contact the City of Jacksonville at 541 899-1231 or by email at to advise the City that you are planning a trip. Please contact the City at least one week prior to the trip, notifying the City of the date, arrival time, number of students, and the number of chaperones who will be on site.

Other Group Tours - Please direct requests for other group tours to the FOJHC at: 

Monument Restoration and Cleaning As you walk the cemetery grounds you may come across a headstone or monument that is undergoing restoration work. There may be yellow caution tape around the site with a notice that work is currently underway. During the spring and summer months you may also notice volunteers in the process of cleaning markers.  Both groups are volunteers with the Friends of Jacksonville's Historic Cemetery and have been trained in current and proper techniques to restore and clean markers.

​Cemetery Rules and Regulations - Rules are posted at the main entrance to the cemetery, along the roadway near the restrooms, and in the Interpretive Center. You will find printed copies in the brochure holder in the Interpretive Center, and at the entrance to the restrooms. You may also review them on line at: