You may view individual Player presentations from our past Meet the Pioneers Programs, along with some Promo videos of cemetery events and activities, by going to:  Our appreciation to Bill and Debbie Miller for making these videos available for us to share with you, as well as to Arlis Duncan, for her video of our 2019 program. 


The amazing cast of Meet the Pioneers 2022 - Photo courtesy of Ken Gregg 


               HISTORIC CEMETERY



Friends of Jacksonville's Historic Cemetery

Thank you to our outstanding cast for a very interesting, fun and informative Meet the Pioneers Program on October 7 and 8, 2022. They were backed up by a equally amazing group of forty plus volunteers who made this year's production run like clockwork allowing our guests to thoroughly enjoy their one-hour tour. We thank our friends at Pioneer Village for supporting us and this program since it all began back in 2006. Thank you to the Jacksonville Review, the City of Jacksonville and all of you who purchased tickets and were able to attend. All twenty-two tours that were offered were sold-out within two weeks of tickets going on sale. We sincerely appreciate the interest, support and enthusiasm that this program has received from the residents of Jacksonville and surrounding communities.  ‚Äč